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Amreeta Chapman

Qualifications: B.A.(Hon) Psy, M.A.(Psy), Dip(Therapeutic Counselling), Cert(Couple Counselling), Dip(Hyp), Pract(Hyp).

Availability: Not currently accepting new clients

Fees: Adult Counselling & Psychotherapy: £60, Couples and Parent-Child Therapy: £70, Hypnotherapy: £80.

Six years’ experience as a Hypnotherapist working with clinical issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, phobias and abuse (sexual, child, marriage problems) in Wokingham, Reading, Windsor and Woodley.
Five years’ experience as a psychologist working in Mauritius with child abuse, family therapy and couples facing domestic violence, communication issues in couples as well as anger management in couples and family counselling.
Three years’ experience as a Solution Focused Counsellor working with individuals, couples as well as parent-child relationships regarding issues such as anger management, anxiety, trust in couples, stress, bereavement, sexual abuse and PTSD.

I have been trained as a psychologist since 1998, having worked several years in child abuse, domestic violence and family therapy units in Mauritius before shifting to England in 2002. Since coming to Reading I trained as a counsellor with a Solution Focused, CBT orientation and pursued my psychoanalytic training with the Tavistock Centre in London and then moved into more integrative counselling approaches.

I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in London and have been practising hypnotherapy with clinical issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, phobias and abuse (sexual, child, marriage problems) in Wokingham, Reading and Woodley as well as Windsor for the past six years. I am a Member of the BSCH, GHR as well as BACP.

What do I offer?:
I work with individuals, couples and parent-child relationships. I offer one and half hour for the first session so that clients can discuss as well as understand the counselling process, procedures, session structure and length and to have enough time to focus on the client’s issues and concerns. We also work on the client’s goals from session one as Solution Focused counselling is designed to get clients to their goals within an average of 10-12 sessions.

As a hypnotherapist I keep my role different from my counsellor role. In hypnosis/hypnotherapy sessions clients know that they have to work harder as there is homework based around hypnosis and NLP techniques from the first session. Most sessions are hypnosis-based with a bit of psycho-education. Where I notice clients are not able to keep the pace with hypnosis work I will often advise them to go for counselling which has a more client-centered approach, while hypnosis clients know their goals and they just want tools and techniques to achieve them.

My psychology background helps in working with clients who come for hypnotherapy in a more clinical way even though I deliver the hypnosis sessions my clients are expecting, it also allows me to work with symptoms such as depression, panic attacks as well as sexual abuse and child abuse survivors.

Philosophy on counselling and psychotherapy:
As a therapist who has spent several years exploring and learning about different orientations, I believe that clients are people who know their problems best and need someone to walk with them over the bridge from where they are conditioned into their symptoms, to where they can be free from their symptoms, living healthier lives within their own definitions of what is healthier for them.

I have found counselling and psychotherapy an eye-opener for myself as a student who has gone through many hours of counselling. I have learnt to respect the therapeutic space as one where I have grown into a better and healthier person than I thought possible because, like my clients, I had “normalised” my issues.

Counselling and psychotherapy knows its way across the bridge but it is the client who decides what type of counselling will work for him/her and how much he/she is going to use that space for how much growth. My role as a counsellor is to facilitate and support my client through my knowledge, experience and expertise on psychology but the client is the expert on their lives and goals.

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