Reduced Cost Counselling for NHS Staff & First Responders – view our available therapists here

Mind Garden wishes to thank the hard working NHS and first responders who are investing countless time & energy during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Therapists listed below are offering online sessions at reduced rates to first responders & NHS staff. ¬†Click their name for more information. To book, enquire via the therapist’s profile, use the Enquiry Form to the right, or phone 01189 070420.

Emma Bollan, Counsellor for Adults

Andy Taylor, Counsellor for Adults & Mindfulness Trainer

Lisa Bruton, Counsellor for Adults & Couples

Pam Coward, Counsellor for Adults, Registered Nurse

Dolores Edwards-Hall, Psychotherapist for Adults

Jill Fowler, Analytical Psychotherapist for Adults, Addictions Specialist

Charlotte Rothwell, Counsellor for Adults

Michelle King, Counsellor for Adults & Adolescents

Carol Philips, Counsellor for Adults & Children

Meryl Suissa, Counsellor for Adults & Young People

Deborah Wilson, Psychologist for Adults

Ann-Marie James, Psychotherapist for Adults & Couples