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Ann-Marie James

Psychotherapist specialising in Stress Resilience & Nervous System Therapies
Certified Breathing Instructor & Health Coach
Co-Director, Mind Garden Therapy Ltd.


Availability: Not currently accepting new clients

Fees:  £70 per session with concessions available

Locations & Availability:
Tuesday & Wednesday daytime @ Mind Garden, Reading
Wednesday & Thursday daytime @ TOTHS Sports Therapy Clinic, RG30 6AY



Master of Arts, Pastoral Counselling, New York, NY, USA
Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology with Honours, Greenville University, IL, USA
BACP Accredited Psychotherapist since 2009
Certified Breathing Instructor, Oxygen Advantage
Shift trained in Stress Resilience Coaching
Certified Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition
NSHC Certified Health Coach
Level 1 Functional Fitness Instructor

Experience & Approach

After 15+ years’ as a psychotherapist, I have found that when our mind-body system is chronically under stress, we often:

  • Struggle to feel content
  • Have disrupted sleep
  • Feel we should be enjoying life but struggle to do so
  • Have difficulty working through stress and anxiety
  • Feel tense or irritable without knowing why
  • Live in fear of anxiety or panic
  • Keep trying to ‘fix’ something but aren’t sure what that something is

All of these are symptoms of a nervous system under stress.  My approach is that we are living in a world that is hugely demanding of on our mind-body system and many of us have lost the ability to truly relax and restore.

I specialise in supporting people to build powerful skills in calming their mind-body system, upregulating their relaxation response, and building a toolkit to move through stressful experiences with grace & ease.

I am trained by expert stress resilience coaches at Shift in the USA. I am a certified functional breathing instructor & a BACP accredited psychotherapist. This, combined with my experience as an internationally competitive CrossFit athlete, gives me a unique skill set in working with both mind & body for holistic health that is robust & science-based and creates meaningful, relevant and iften rapid change for my clients.

What I offer:

  • A free 20 min phone/video consultation to see if we have a good coach/client fit
  • First session with no obligation to continue if you feel my approach isn’t right for you
  • Packages of 5 sessions where you learn & experience new ways to respond to stress with skill (view sample session content here.)
  • Packages of 11 sessions with the above stress resilience training plus added time and space for psychotherapy alongside the experiential work

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