What is the difference between counselling, psychotherapy & psychology?

Counselling can focus on a specific presenting problem over a short or extended period of time (depending on the severity), while psychotherapy offers a deeper exploration of issues and can extend over a period of months or be open-ended. Counselling can provide empathic, non judgemental support through a life transition such as bereavement or separation. Psychotherapy is sometimes seen as more deeply reflective as it deals with interpersonal functioning. Psychological therapy often incorporates cognitive-behavioural therapy or other scientifically-based methods for bringing about change.

Our aim is to support each client to choose a therapist and approach that is the best fit for them.

What if my partner and I are thinking about Couple Counselling?

When a relationship is in difficulty, one partner may believe more strongly than the other that couple counselling could be useful. For the therapy to be helpful it’s important that both parties are willing to commit to exploring difficulties together. Couple counselling offers support in a neutral space, providing each partner with an opportunity to voice their perspective and work collaboratively towards mutual understanding. At Mind Garden we have several experienced therapists trained specifically in couple counselling.

How often are sessions?

Generally counselling or psychological therapy sessions are weekly, but can be fortnightly if client and counsellor deem this appropriate. Psychotherapy can be weekly, twice weekly, or fortnightly.

How long does it last?

Counselling usually works with a specific problem over an agreed period of time (generally a minimum of 6 sessions), while psychotherapy is generally open ended and lasts over a period of months or years. Psychological therapy can be either short or longer term.

How much does therapy cost?

The cost of counselling and psychotherapy ranges from typically £40 to £50 per session.

Psychology ranges from £60 upward per session. Clinical psychology costs are generally higher and prices are available on request form the individual therapist.

Reduced cost slots are available based on financial situation or full-time student status.

Are there more therapists at Mind Garden than are shown on your website?

Yes. A number of our therapists do not have online profiles and offer additional areas of expertise. Please contact us to see if we can help you find the right person for you.

What is the next step?

Contact us on 01189 070420 or email mindgarden@reading-counselling.co.uk.