Private Practice for Psychological Professionals

Mind Garden is Reading’s most comprehensive centre for counselling, psychology and psychotherapy.

Therapist Applications:  As of May 2021 Mind Garden is accepting applications for in-person work from:

  • Adult Psychotherapists / Counsellors
  • Family Therapists
  • Couples Therapists
  • Child & Early Adolescent Therapists

An application can be found here. The centre requires a minimum commitment of 10 client hours per week to include evenings.

Placements/Work Experience: Mind Garden is currently unable to offer placements or work experience. Please join our mailing list for notification of any change to this.

Mind Garden offers to registered therapists:

  • By the hour room hire at £13 per hour
  • A substantial referral programme
  • A community of diverse professionals within the field and an annual networking gathering
  • A centre established for 10 years run by experienced therapists
  • A professional development program
  • A website profile and marketing support
  • Ten well-appointed rooms that are maintained on a continual, attentive basis in a Grade II listed building
  • A low-cost room hire scheme that enables therapists to see clients unable to pay full fees

View our rooms here

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