Ann-Marie James

Psychotherapist & Stress Resilience Coach for Adults | Functional Breathwork Instructor | Certified Health Coach


  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Counselling, New York, NY 2000
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology with Honours, USA, 1998
  • BACP Accredited since 2009
  • Certified with the National Society of Health Coaches USA, 2020
  • Certified in Yoga Nidra, 2022
  • Certified Functional Breathing Instructor with Oxygen Advantage, 2021
  • Certified in Somatic Therapy & Nervous System Health with Shift, 2021
  • Certified in Exercise Nutrition with Precision Nutrition, 2019
  • Certified in family therapy, relationship therapy & emotion focused therapy, 2011-2013
  • Co-Director of Mind Garden Therapy Ltd since 2010

Ann-Marie James

Psychotherapist & Stress Resilience Coach for Adults | Functional Breathwork Instructor | Certified Health Coach




Post Qualification Experience

21 years

I work with

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Attachment, Self-Esteem, Functional Breathing, Functional Nutrition & Movement, Human Performance, Nervous System Health, Physical Health Issues, Somatic Symptoms


Wednesday Morning & Wednesday Afternoon

Private Insurance Accepted

AXA, Healix

Specialisations / professional interests

  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Functional breathing
  • Functional nutrition and movement
  • Human performance
  • Nervous system health
  • Physical health issues
  • Somatic symptoms


I am a psychotherapist and coach trained in nervous system based therapies with a specialism in breath training for stress & anxiety reduction.  I combine a range of experience & training in psychotherapy, nutrition coaching, breathwork and movement therapy to offer a unique approach to whole-person health.

I offer:

  • Medium & long term psychotherapeutic coaching
  • Short term stress resilience training
  • Functional breath coaching for stress reduction and/or athletic development

Clients who come to me often:

  • Struggle to feel content
  • Have disrupted sleep
  • Feel unable to enjoy life
  • Have stress or anxiety levels that diminish quality of life
  • Feel tense or irritable without knowing why
  • Struggle with physical expressions of stress
  • Keep trying to ‘fix’ something but aren’t sure what that something is
  • Feel dysregulated mentally, physically, or both

We live in a world that is hugely demanding of on our mind-body system and many of us have lost the ability to truly relax and restore.

I specialise in supporting people to build powerful skills in calming their mind-body system, upregulating their relaxation response, and building a toolkit to move through stressful experiences with skill & ease.

I am trained by expert stress resilience coaches at Shift in the USA. I am a certified functional breathing instructor with Oxygen Advantage, certified to teach yoga nidra, and have training in somatic therapies, yoga therapy & much more, alongside many years’ experience as a psychotherapist. All this, combined with experience as an internationally competitive CrossFit athlete, gives me a unique skill set in working with both mind & body for holistic health that is robust & science-based.

A good working relationship is the foundation of any coaching or therapy. I offer a 20 minute exploratory video call to see if my approach is a good fit for your needs. Please enquire below to book a session.

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