Deborah Wilson

Psychologist & Counsellor for Adults


  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (11/10/23)
  • Certified Cybertherapist (30/12/20)
  • MSc. Development and Psychopathology (11/12/15)
  • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (16/07/13)
  • Postgraduate Cert Applied Forensic Psychology (18/12/09)
  • BSc. (Hons) Psychology (31/07/04)
  • Member of BACP (MBACP)
  • Member of BPS (MBPsS)
  • DBS Checked

Deborah Wilson

Psychologist & Counsellor for Adults



Post Qualification Experience


I work with

Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Bereavement, Stress, Relationships, Family Conflict, Attachment, Self-Esteem, Bullying, Loneliness, Anger, Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Neglect, Personality Disorder, Complex Mental Health Disorders, Childhood/Developmental Issues


Tuesday Morning & Tuesday Evening

Private Insurance Accepted


Specialisations / professional interests

  • Attachment
  • Complex mental health disorders
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Personality disorder
  • Sexual abuse
  • Trauma


I am a pluralistic therapist and psychologist, combining both qualifications to provide therapy that is uniquely tailored to work with each clients issues and ways of understanding them.

I initially trained in a person-centred approach, which means that I see clients as the experts on themselves, with self-knowledge and awareness of what they want to change. Our work is collaborative, and I do not assume the role of expert. Instead I offer my knowledge and experience to explore different ways of understanding and working through your issues. I provide a warm, safe and accepting space where we can build a strong therapeutic relationship that we base our work on.

My degrees in psychology and developmental psychopathology enable me to work with clients who want to explore childhood events and relationships, and how they have resulted in patterns of behaviour and self-beliefs that are not helpful in our adult lives. It also enables me to work with clients around the neuroscience underlying relationships, development, trauma and more complex mental health issues such as Bipolar Disorder, personality disorder, stress and anxiety.

My further training in attachment theory enables us to look at how our childhood relationships form the basis for our adult relationships, and how this can be changed if it is not helpful. It is often the case that issues such as personality disorder, trauma and childhood experiences are interconnected, and I am able to provide the space for clients to explore and unpick the complexity of their experiences and issues. I combine my training and experience in developmental psychology, neuroscience and trauma to help clients understand, process and move past such issues. Where a client has been given a formal diagnosis, I work with them to help them find out what that means for them, how useful it is, and what work can be done to live with this diagnosis, and the bigger picture of life history and events.

As an Approved Counsellor taking referrals from Thames Valley Victims First service, I support clients who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse, including physical, financial, emotional and psychological abuse, as well as stalking, harassment and controlling and coercive behaviour. Our work together involves understanding the patterns of behaviour that are involved in abusive relationships, so that clients can understand how they came to be – and stayed – in such relationships. We also work on helping the client regain their own voice and sense of self, identifying what they want from a healthy relationship.

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