Gail Collins-Webb

Jungian Analyst (Analytical Psychologist)


  • BPS Approved Certificate in Supervision
  • EMDR Therapist 2018, Accredited status 2021
  • Analytical Psychology Diploma April 2018
  • UKCP Member
  • Guild of Analytical Psychologists (GAP) Senior Training Jungian Analyst
  • IAAP

Gail Collins-Webb

Jungian Analyst (Analytical Psychologist)



Post Qualification Experience

6 years

I work with

Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Bereavement, Stress, Relationships, Family Conflict, Attachment, Self-Esteem, Bullying, Loneliness, Anger, Trauma, Dream Analysis, OCD, Phobias


Not currently accepting new clients

Private Insurance Accepted


Specialisations / professional interests

  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Depression / Low Mood
  • Dream analysis
  • OCD
  • Phobias
  • Trauma


The form of psychotherapy I use is based on the work of Carl Jung and is known as analytical psychology. Analytical psychotherapy centres around the relationship of the individual with their inner life. Attention and concentration is given to dreams, fantasies and other manifestations of the unconscious. This process has a healing and balancing effect on the mind.

If one’s inner life is not valued but is rejected as irrelevant, it responds with a life of mental and physical distress.The goal of the work is self-knowledge towards wholeness and of nourishing the one unique individual you are.

I provide EMDR therapy for the treatment of traumatic memories. This technique relieves distress and ‘remaps’ negatives thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves. This can lift depression and anxiety, release addictive and compulsive behaviours, and restore positive self belief and feelings of well being.



This practitioner is currently unavailable

Please note that if you are in crisis you should contact the West Berkshire Crisis Response Team on 0300 365 2000. Alternatively go to your nearest Accident & Emergency or call 999.