Meryl Suissa

Adult and Youth (16+) Psychotherapist | Couples and relationship psychotherapist


  • Certificate in couples and relationships therapy at the Gestalt Centre, London- June 2023
  • Postgraduate Diploma in integrative Counselling and psychotherapy at the Minster Centre, London – July 2015
  • Certificate in existential psychotherapy, Roehampton university, September 2013
  • MBACP registered member
  • BAATN member

Meryl Suissa

Adult and Youth (16+) Psychotherapist | Couples and relationship psychotherapist


£65 for individuals

£75 for couples and relationships

Post Qualification Experience

8.5 years

I work with

Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Bereavement, Stress, Relationships, Family Conflict, Attachment, Self-Esteem, Bullying, Loneliness, Anger, Couples, Eating disorders, Trauma, Gender, Sexuality, Culture & Identity


Not currently accepting new clients

Private Insurance Accepted


Specialisations / professional interests

  • Culture / Identity
  • Eating disorders
  • Gender / Sexuality
  • Relationships
  • Trauma


I believe counselling and psychotherapy can offer you a space to explore what troubles you and stops you from living fully.

I work to create a safe, open and friendly space in which we can both delve into the issues that you are bringing. In this exploration, my aim is not only to understand what is at the root of your difficulties but to slowly challenge old negative patterns in order for you to live a more fulfilled life.

The integrative approach draws from a wide number of theoretical and clinical ideas ranging from psychodynamic, existential, humanistic and cognitive theories. I also practice in an embodied way which means that we may explore why some of your emotions can be translated in physical symptoms. This practice enables me to be more flexible and really explore what would suit your individual needs. I offer a safe, non-judgmental and supportive space to explore what your difficulties are in a way that works for you.

Couples and close relationships therapy

After running successful practices with individuals of all ages and backgrounds for the last decade, I have now completed a postgraduate program in couples and close relationships therapy London. I truly understand how complex and painful relationship problems can be and want to offer a supportive and open space for you to talk to each other and find ways to rebuild connection.

Couples and relationships (e.g. siblings, friends, work colleagues, parent and child) may seek therapy for specific reasons like frustrating and persistent arguments, feeling insecure in their relationship, family issues, separation or more general issues such as a lack of engagement and understanding.

Sexuality and intimacy can be a core part to how we relate to each other and therefore an important area to explore in couples therapy. You may be a couple who wants to explore how to express and embody your desire and sexuality, a monogamous couple, a couple with different libidos or a couple considering or already in an open or polyamorous relationship. My practice really welcomes couples and polycules interested in or engaging in sexual practices such as BDSM and kink as well as identifying to the queer and LGBTQIA+ community. I am open to exploring those areas with you, at your own rhythm,

I work in a culturally aware, body and sex positive and gender-aware way. Together we will look at your communication style and understand how former patterns and relationship traumas may have an impact on your current relationship.

This practitioner is currently unavailable

Please note that if you are in crisis you should contact the West Berkshire Crisis Response Team on 0300 365 2000. Alternatively go to your nearest Accident & Emergency or call 999.