Advert for Breath for Stress Workshop

Become a stress ninja at our online breath workshop

Join Mind Garden co-director Ann-Marie James for a live coaching experience on calming breathwork on Monday July 4th at 7pm.

Learn three breath techniques to create calm anytime, anywhere.  These skills are perfect for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, tension, hot flushes or any other type of nervous system stress!  Plenty of time for breathwork Q & A too!

Breath does three powerful things in our brains & bodies when we use it with skill:

  • It activates our higher brain helping us think clearly with perspective and wisdom
  • It can slow the body which slows the mind
  • It can cause the brain to drip relaxation hormones.

So if you could use some stealth breathing techniques for calming your mind and body anytime, anywhere, this is the workshop for you! Click here to book now.

CPD certificates available to professionals.