Cancelled: Gestalt workshop in September



Join us for a one-day in-person ‘Introduction to Gestalt’ workshop led by Psychotherapist and Trainer Rachel Kent (B.Ed, Hons).

You will finish day with an understanding of some of the key concepts of Gestalt as related to your own experience of the workshop. We will focus on the healthy model of functioning.

As it is not easy to understand some of the profound concepts of Gestalt through theory alone, this CPD workshop is largely experiential.

Content Summary:

What is Gestalt, concepts of awareness and contact, the needs cycle, and a brief introduction to contact styles/interruptions to contact.

Why learn about Gestalt?

Gestalt work prioritises what is actually being experienced in the present moment over what should be, might be or could be. It is an exciting model of therapy whose theory and practise are rooted in various philosophical and psychological traditions, including phenomenology, existentialism, and Gestalt psychology. In Gestalt therapy, the therapist helps the client become more aware of their present experience, including their thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Through this process, the client can become more aware of their needs and how to satisfy them in a way that is satisfying and fulfilling. The goal of Gestalt therapy is to help clients become more integrated and whole by completing unfinished business and fully experiencing their present moment.