Increased provision of online therapy now available

Our therapists are all vetted & highly qualified.  Click below to view profiles of our team members offering online counselling & psychotherapy. Alternatively phone our secretary, Lize, on 01189 070420 or use the enquiry form to the right.




Paul McFarland (adults & couples)

Charlotte Rothwell (adults)

Emma Bollan (adults)

Ann-Marie James (adults & couples)

Angela Deakin (adults & couples)

Andy Taylor (adults)

Lisa Bruton (adults & couples)

Dolores Edwards-Hall (adults)

Rachel Plytas (adults)

Sandra Marshall (Mediation for couples)

Jill Fowler (adults)

Michelle King (adults & young people)

Meryl Suissa (adults & young people)

Carol Phillips (adults & young people)

If you would like to explore therapy online please enquire via the therapist’s profile, use the appointment request form to the right of this page, or phone 01189 070420.